True North is a fixed point on the earth’s globe that points directly towards the North Pole. It is an orienting point, a constant in a spinning world. Pretend you are navigating the world using a compass. That compass navigates using the earth’s constantly shifting magnetic field, meaning it rarely shows true north. The North Star always points toward True North, never shifting, always true.

Our personal True North is built by our beliefs, values, and principles we live by. It is our internal compass, representing who we are at our deepest level. Our True North directs our paths and guides us forward. It holds our clarity of purpose and enlightens our authentic selves.

Are you your true self? Are you who you want to be? Where do you need to go to feel passionate and fully alive?

Live Your True North is about finding our way to our authentic selves. It is about freedom of expression, the journey to fulfillment, and living the lives we want.

Live Your True North is about being true and being you.

About Kelly:

  • I have a thing for long nighttime drives and dancing to 90’s punk music
  • I almost always have a camera close by
  • I like books, crafts, and sleeping in forests
  • My rock collection has grown three times bigger over the past year
  • I sell handmade jewelry in my >>etsy shop<<

I hope you hang your hat and stay a while!