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Half Marathon Training: Week 2

Happy Monday, Warriors! Wow, did Week 2 really present some challenges that served as some pretty important reminders. Sunday rolled through just as I was coming out of a great, but busy, week. I completed all of my training days from Week 1 with complete success and felt prideful as I rewarded myself with a “Tourist Weekend.” While I love living in Philadelphia, I don’t often get time to partake in the famous attractions. Every so often (usually if a family member or friend is visiting), I allow myself to act as a tourist for an entire weekend and explore the hot staples of the city tourist-style (Though, you will never catch me riding a Segway).

Fueled by residual motivation from Week 1, I created an intense training plan for the week that included longer runs and harder speed training workouts. During my first run of the week, I made it half way to my distance goal when my entire body felt exhausted, and every fiber of my being felt one step away from a becoming real life example of a dramatization in a Life Alert commercial. As I slowed to a walk, I reflected on the prior week of nonstop movement and recreation. I remembered my top goal in beginning my overall wellness journey: GIVE YOUR BODY WHAT IT’S ASKING FOR. It was a not-so-gentle reminder to listen to my body, and my body needed some good old TLC (both physically and audibly, because come on– who can’t get down with a little No Scrubs blaring on a Sunday night???). With that in mind, I walked the remainder of my distance goal, went home, ripped up my plan, and spent the week going off script, tailoring each activity to what I felt that my body needed on a day-to-day basis.

Here is what it looked like:

  • Sunday: Run 3 miles, walk 1-2 miles. (I made this a mindful walk, meaning that I put my phone on airplane mode and listened to no music, taking in my environment and focusing on my experience).
  • Monday: Strength Training: Arms, Stretch
  • Tuesday: Run 1 mile at an easy pace, run 1 mile at race pace, walk 1 mile, run 1 mile at an easy pace
  • Wednesday: Yoga
  • Thursday: Strength Training: Abs and Back
  • Friday: Strength Training: Legs, Stretch
  • Saturday: REST

Lesson of the Week: Listen to your body. Training doesn’t have to mean pushing yourself to the point of exhaustion or injury. If your body is craving something slow and easy, give it just that. If your body is buzzing with energy, use it as fuel for harder workouts. I ran and worked out at a lesser intensity and still ended the week feeling stronger.

It’s your turn, peeps: How did you listen to your body this week?

6 thoughts on “Half Marathon Training: Week 2

  1. Hell yeah to TLC No Scrubs, and I agree, definitely listen to your body.
    Your week sounds awesome… mines a bit up and down already, but I’m deciding to squash the negative and embrace the positive xxx

  2. Training for 20km in early November but finding it hard to move beyond 10km. Knees playing up!

  3. I just finished week 8 of my marathon training. Did 14 miles on Sunday.

    Around mile 10 I started thinking, “I. Am. BOOOORED!” But finished strong anyway.

    Are you using a smartwatch for training? I love my Garmin but more specifically, they have great premade training calendars for 16-week marathon training.

    Keep running!

    1. That’s great! I’ve been looking into smart watches, and Garmin is definitely one that’s high on my list if I were to get one. Right now I’m just rocking an old Fitbit from time to time.

  4. You’re smart to listen to your body! I had to learn that one the hard way with a torn achilles. Bleh.

    I tell myself now that not one single training run is going to make or break my performance.

  5. Kel, good luck on your training. Your next to last paragraph on “listening to your body” speaks volumes. It needs to be such a mantra for all of us (especially me with older bones and muscles than yours), it should be repeated over and over. When you are my age, sometimes something hurts and you cannot remember why. So, it just requires taking it a little easier for a few days. Pushing through pain may sound tough for a few, but it is often not the wisest path. Keith

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