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Half Marathon Training: Week 1

If someone told younger Kelly that I would be training for a half marathon, I would have been crippled with laughter. That being said, here I am typing a post after successfully completing Week 1 of training. I am so excited and proud of myself for taking on this challenge, and I am eager to share progress updates along the way. It is my hope to share my experience with each week of training leading up to the race.

While developing my training schedule, I heavily researched important fitness workouts for distance runners/half marathon training and tailored them into a routine that fits for me.

Here is what my Week 1 looked like:

  • Sunday: 4 mile run at an easy pace
  • Monday: Pilates
  • Tuesday: 3 mile run at an easy pace
  • Wednesday: Plyometrics
  • Thursday: Yoga
  • Friday: 3 mile run at an easy pace
  • Saturday: REST

The day before I started Week 1, I completed a 5k race with 25 obstacles, so during my 4 mile run on Sunday, I was feeling the burn! But that didn’t stop me, and I was proud to have run the longest distance I’ve ever completed without having to take a walking break.

For the workouts on Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday, I simply used YouTube to find workouts. I typically refuse to spend money on workout tapes, because I am so picky about the routines I complete. I really want something fun, active, and challenging. Although I have developed independent routines at times, I find that I perform best when working out alongside someone who is encouraging and positive– so I turn to YouTube if I can’t find a training partner.

By the time Thursday came around, I was SO EXCITED for my yoga day. While I felt strong and powerful, I also felt that my body needed a relaxing break and a deep stretch. This week really motivated me to take extra time for a deeper and longer stretch after workouts and runs throughout the week. Although I struggled with time management and getting the run in on Friday, I adjusted my schedule to complete my 3 miles bright and early in the morning (not ideal for me, but we make changes where we must).

If I had to change anything about Week 1, I would probably have switched yoga and plyometrics. In retrospect, I think yoga in the middle of the week would have nicely split up the routine and led to a greater sense of balance. As well, I think a more active workout on Thursday would have pumped me up better for my last run of the week on Friday.

Lesson of the week: Find your motivation.

Is anyone else training for distance running? I would love to learn tips and tricks from more seasoned distance runners (and I have had this crazy fascination with researching training routines…… who am I???!!).

7 thoughts on “Half Marathon Training: Week 1

  1. That’s awesome! Sounds like a great training schedule! I’m currently training for my 2nd full marathon. You got this! 👊🏻

    1. Congrats! You’ll be fine if you’re doing all the research. It sounds like you have the motivation and that’s the most important part.

      I wish I could say that I was training! I made the mistake of running a marathon without training at all this summer. 🙃

  2. Build up slowly, with long runs or jogs. A couple days per week, build upon your lung volume with sprints and you will be ready in no time. If you can run 7 miles, you can run 13. If you can run 13, you can do a marathon. It just becomes more of a mental issue after 13 miles than a physical one. Be mindful o good nurition along with rest and recovery too.

  3. Congrats! I think the only time you’d catch me running, is if there was a bear behind me 🐻

  4. Good luck with your training! It’s always good to have a plan. And then adjust the plan to fit you and your life! Thanks for reading my blog too.

  5. Good luck with training! I remember being nervous for my first half marathon; it’s natural to second guess yourself occasionally, but if you have a good plan you’ll be ok!

  6. Good luck. I have never gone that far, peaking at 15K, which was plenty long for me. Best wishes, Keith

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