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Creating My Happy Place

This week, I had one goal: plan and create a mini oasis in my tiny, tiny backyard (or backcloset, as I say). This would be a place to read, meditate, drink wine, and relax. The ultimate self care corner!

This is what my little backyard space looked like before the project:

I started the week religiously geeking out over IKEA, Home Depot, Lowe’s, and Walmart trying to map out the perfect outdoor space. Trying to find a way to utilize the small space was tough, but well worth the time spent brainstorming.

When the weekend rolled around, I started my Friday night with Goodwill in the suburbs. If I was going to take on designing a small, relaxing space, I was going to do so on a budget. If you’re near Philly, you know that the suburb thrift stores are where the goods are, and it truly did not let me down. I left feeling like I’d hit the jackpot, uplifted by that thrift store adrenaline rush. Here’s what I found (photobombed by a curious, handsome fluff):

Saturday morning, I got started bright and early at my happy place: IKEA. I spent two hours stuck in the euphoria that is Home Goods Heaven, and another two hours back and forth between Home Depot and Walmart.

I slowly hit a point where I was both satisfied with my purchases and anxious to get back home and out of the Saturday store scuffle that many people experience in the city (too many people for a considerable amount of time truly tests my patience!!).

When I got home I went to work building, organizing, making sure things were going perfect. That is, until a freak thunderstorm decided to rain all over my parade and all over my oasis.

When the rain cleared, I resumed my work. I set up my little hammock chair, placed my plants how I wanted them, and hung up lights. Here was the end result;

I am so happy with how it turned out! I got to sit outside last night and drink wine and relax. This is the PERFECT little self care space, where I can drink tea, meditate, listen to the birds. Although my mom thinks my back closet looks like a burial plot, and my brother-in-law joked about this being smaller than a prison cell, I am so happy with how it turned out! These are some snapshots from last night’s relaxation time during my first night of having my little oasis:

This post serves as my encouragement to design yourself a comfortable space where you can relax and recharge. And if you already have, please share! I’m always looking for interior and exterior design inspiration. Happy Sunday, y’all!!

15 thoughts on “Creating My Happy Place

  1. I’m jealous! This is absolutely gorgeous, you worked wonders!!! <3

    1. Thank you so much! I’m definitely proud of how it turned out ☺️

      1. And so you should be 😀 interior designer in the making? 😉

  2. Very nice!

  3. Doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks, just so long as you’re happy. I think you’ve made more than the best of a small space. It looks charming and fun!

  4. Holy moly that transformation is INCREDIBLE. So cute, earthy, and aesthetic. Cozy too!

    1. Thank you so much!!

  5. They crack me up! After I sent a picture to my family, my brother said, “Can I take a nap in your burial plot?” 😂 I love how this little relaxation nook turned out!

  6. Simply love the end result! I’m so proud of you for planning this out and executing it on your own. You’ve got yourself a new follower! 😊

  7. It may be a closet as you said, but I hope it’s now has a different name, after what you have done with it. I hope that really becomes a tranquil, peaceful place for you and at night, with the lights, how relaxing it looks.

    Are you allowed to paint the walls? If you can, you could paint them neutral, or a splash of colour if you wanted.

    It feels really private the space you have. Have fun with it.

  8. It is great.
    You are welcome in London at anytime.

    Best wishes

  9. What a transformation! Lovely. 😊

  10. Good for you! It looks perfect for sipping wine or tea, reading from your inspirational sources, and listening to that still small voice within. Peaceful! I have posted about my space more than once. I think one was at

  11. Wow such a wonderful transformation

  12. Kel, well done on creating the alcove. We all need a place to get away from the hustle bustle and recharge. Maybe it is akin to being swaddled as a baby. Keith

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