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Are you your true self? Are you who you want to be? Where do you need to go to feel passionate and fully alive? Live Your True North is about finding our way to our authentic selves. It is about freedom of expression, the journey to fulfillment, and living the lives we want. Live Your True North is about being true and being you.

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Superfoods: What They Are and Why You Should Add Them To Your Diet

It can be easy to dismiss the impact that food has on our bodies, but mindful eating has taught me that unbalanced eating can lead to my feeling sluggish, tired, and unmotivated. When I eat balanced meals, I find that my tummy suffers less bloating and discomfort, my skin becomes clearer, and I have enough […]

7 Ways To Be Kind To Yourself

Like any reasonable human, I enjoy when things go my way. Gliding through life with ease brings me a sense of peace in knowing that it is all comfortable and smooth sailing. It also impacts the way I view myself and my experiences. During easygoing times, the sun feels brighter, I feel lighter, and it […]

HighOh Washable Cloth Pads: Are They Worth It?

High ho….. High ho…. It’s off to…….. making some great attempts to make my menstrual cycle more comfortable and an overall more enjoyable experience. I love learning new ways to make my life healthier and easier. I have become increasingly passionate about everyday comfort, investing in reusable products, and educating myself on what I put […]